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About Us


About Aogu

Aogubio is a company specialized in the Produces and distribution of pharmacologically active substances, raw materials and plant extracts, nutraceuticals for the production of supplements for human use, products for the pharmacy and for the pharmaceutical, food, nutritional and cosmetic industries.

Aogubio embraces the testimony to the quality and excellence, which is fully epitomized in all the products it delivers. We cater to all the major industries that rely heavily on phytochemicals and herbal extracts and these includes – personal care, food and beverages, pharma industry and Nutraceutical.

China is one of countries that is rich in medicinal plants. Medicinal plants have been handed down from one generation to the next and used in almost every country in the world for healing and prevention of various diseases. Currently, the efficacy of herbal medicine has gained international acknowledgement and more interest in Global society.

Along with the needs development of an increasing herbal medicine, Aogubio established Extraction Factory with total area of 25,000 m2 in Xi’an, province of Shaanxi in 2004.

Quality assurance and timely deliveries are the two vital pillars that are given importance and the Company leaves no stones unturned in ensuring that these two aspects are followed to the core so that superior quality and flawless products reach the hands of the end users on time.




Products and Services

Borobudur Extraction Center carries out its operations in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management system and the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in order to meet various market demands, especially in the field of herbal term.
Aogubio is also ready to provide customer-demand services such as contract manufacturing, private labeling, and the development of high-quality extract formula.



Production Facilities

Aogubio uses modern technology by the European standard in processing Herbal extract. Our capacity in processing crude drug (herb) is approximately 50 tons per month which is run using Six pieces of extracting tank. The overall production process is controlled and monitored by experienced staff, those are experts in the field of extraction who have to ensure the consistency of the product quality that must meet international standards .
To prevent product contamination caused by damage of tanks and pipelines, the entire facility, either related directly or indirectly must be using stainless steel 316 L. Cleaning machines and equipments during the process working out uses a system of CIP (Cleaning In Place).
The process of extract production starts from Solvent tank and then having process in the the percolator to receive and put herbs in contact with a solvent. Continuing evaporation process which has aim to evaporate the solvent so it can produce spissum (viscous extract). After that the next step is sterilization which carries out for four seconds at the temperature of 130° – 140° C. Furthermore, viscous extract is processed in the mixing tank and would be dried into a dry extract by using machine of Vacuum Belt Dryer (VBD) for ± 1 hour with vacuum of 15 mbar. Then the dried extract would be finely milled become extract powder in the mixing machine.



Research & Development

The Company fully supports the Department of R & D Laboratory to develop new products and improve existing products for achieving the best results. R & D department always uses the latest technology and methods in conducting research and product development. These are done so that the resulted product, proven its efficacy and safety, both in small scale and large scale (the scale of production). R & D department is also equipped with several tools such as Soxhlet Equipment, Fluid Bed Dryer, Vacuum Dryer, Spray Dryer, and supported by experienced experts in their own field.


Quality Control / Assurance

The quality of each product is guaranteed its quality according to the strict procedures of pharmaceutical standards. Quality Control Department is equipped with international standards testing tools such as:

1. HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)
2. Spectrophotometer UV-Vis
3. TLC Densitometer
4. Photostability Chamber
5. Laminar Air Flow
6. Tablet Hardness Tester
7. Viscometer
8. Autoclave
9. Moisture Analyzer
10. High Performance Microscope
11. Disintegration Tester


To assure the product proven safe for consumption, Quality Control Department has ensured that each stage of production process monitoring has been conducted thoroughly, so that the product has complied with the established standards and is ready for market.