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our story

We have been the China’s leading supplier of high quality superfoods since 2014.

We provide strong market knowledge, professionalism and our ethos is based on integrity and fairness.

We were one of the pioneering “early adopters” of the strongly emergent extract & Cosmetics material trend. We quickly and firmly established a good reputation as a wholesale supplier and during the ensuing 16 years we have both witnessed, and been instrumental in, the mainstream market absorption of these nutrient rich, premium products.

Growing our business and growing the market
During this time, along with the market, we too have evolved, grown and matured as a company. We have given birth to 2 major brands, Imaherb & Nahanutri , Imaherb is the market leading superfood and Herbal extract in the brand of USA and UK market. Nahanutri is the brand of market leading .Cosmetic Raw Materials.We have become the go to “white label” supplier of choice for other key brands.

We understand and know how to support your needs
Our accumulated experience and know-how affords us the confidence to believe that we are good at what we do. Whilst we naturally offer what any aspiring, discerning customer would expect from a successful company with a well-founded reputation in a highly regulated sector – stringent quality control, appropriate documentation, ongoing focused research and high levels of service- we also aim to be good humoured, friendly, helpful and efficient.

Our Team

Based in China with a global network of trusted and proven suppliers, our team are the leading superfood experts
We are fortunate enough to have a fantastic team of colleagues working across our company, from warehousing and distribution to our dedicated pack-house and head office team, we work tirelessly to bring new products to market and uphold our quality standards. We even manage to have some fun along the way!

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Our Beliefs

From suppliers to customers, we belive in fairness and transparency at every step of our business

Fairness for our network of growers and suppliers
As one of the pioneering companies in the extract & Cosmetics material category, we have built up long-standing relationships with many growers. Part of our ethos is to have healthy business relationships, with both customers and suppliers. We pay our suppliers fair prices for top quality products and we always ensure we treat our suppliers respectfully.

The planet comes first
Being in the Vegan food industry makes it easy to see why we hold environmental issues close to heart. We minimise the impact we have through initiatives like responsible sourcing, minimising the amount of packaging we use throughout the business, and introducing recyclable packaging across our brands. We are also very close to achieving our BCORP accreditation, which means we meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

Ethical and sustainable farming
Our search for the highest quality superfoods starts right at the beginning where we find suppliers who are experts in these ingredients. We source our products in the corner of the world where the plant naturally thrives and ensure it is done responsibly.

Always thinking of ways of reducing our footprint
We are always looking into new ways to reduce our environmental footprint, from placing orders strategically to minimise the fuel burnt to get our products to us to reduce the amount of plastic our products in. We also look at things closer to home, such as using completely renewable energy sources to power our HQ.