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After-sale Service

Aogubio has set itself the aim of creating a good and firm image with its Customers, in compliance with the applicable rules and laws, intervening with professionalism on any problems that may arise after delivery.

The Quality Policy, which hinges on the aforementioned contents, is implemented, disseminated and supported through:

01. the systematic application of the Quality Management System;

02.  the involvement of all staff, who are informed of the objectives to be achieved and properly trained and trained to operate;

03.  the use of qualified suppliers and materials;

04.  the documentation of all errors found within the company and customer complaints, their analysis and resolution (treatment);

05. systematic monitoring of customer needs and the degree of their satisfaction;

06.  the introduction of preventive and corrective actions necessary to guarantee respectively that the causes of the problems are prevented or definitively removed.

Aogubio Furthermore, it is continuously engaged in business processes in order to guarantee both respect in terms of prevention and containment of environmental impacts and consumption of resources, as well as promoting a greater environmental sensitivity.