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Aogubio Supply 100% natural organic cosmetic grade White Beeswax


Introduction of Natural Pure White Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by bees, which is often used in cosmetic products and making candles. White beeswax has been refined to remove the natural yellow colouring of beeswax.
AOGUBIO White Beeswax is pure, unbleached beeswax that has been pressure filtered with beautiful, ivory color and sweet beeswax scent. In manufacturing, white beeswax is used as thickeners, emulsifiers, and as stiffening agents in cosmetics. It is used as a fragrance in soaps and perfumes. White beeswax is also used to polish pills.

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Benefits of AOGUBIO Cosmetic Grade White Beeswax Pellets

White beeswax is popular in many cosmetic products because of the way it forms a protective barrier on the skin, trapping moisture and keeping it hydrated. It is also often used as a thickener and to help harden soap bars.

White beeswax is often used for cosmetics and soaps because it allows colors to be added without having the natural color affect the outcome.



Applications of AOGUBIO Pure White Beeswax Pellets

  • 1. Make candles with white beeswax

Candles made of yellow beeswax will produce black smoke when burning, while candles made of whitebeeswax will not produce black smoke when burning. Not only that, candles made of whitebeeswax will have a high flame when burning. There will also be a light fragrance.

  • 2. Make beehive base with white beeswax

Usually beekeepers have a soft spot for white beeswax, because beekeepers often need to use white beeswax to make beekeeping tools when they keep bees, such as the essential nest foundation for beekeeping, bee bowls, etc. are all made of beeswax.

  • 3. White beeswax plays a pivotal role in medicine

Because white beeswax is a natural substance, it is often used in medicine. Dentistry hands and tooth models in dentistry are actually made of white beeswax. In fact, there are many Chinese medicine pills whose shells are also made of white beeswax, because white beeswax can prolong the retention period of Chinese medicine pills.

  • 4. Make cosmetics with white beeswax

Many girls use some white beeswax in their shower gels and lipsticks. This is because white beeswax has a certain degree of emulsifying and smoothness.

  • 5. Use white beeswax as food accessories

When we usually cook food, we can also add a small amount of white beeswax to taste. In addition, in the processing of food, factories often make white beeswax into the outer packaging of food, or directly apply it on the surface of food.

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